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Softimage is an event management company driven by a creative team to provide innovative solutions for your business. We aspire to empower the guests by creating meaningful and memorable events.
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We, the Soft Image Advertising Company, We began our journey in 2010. Our creative work has been recognized by many government and private agencies. With achieving the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the tourism, events and exhibitions sector, we have been the appropriate partner for our clients in managing their commercial events and promotional and interactive campaigns. We have achieved great success in promotional and interactive campaigns, and thank God we have added our mark in organizing exhibitions and conferences.
Our vision has settled on supporting the events and exhibitions sector through our expertise in the fields of advertising, marketing and implementation.

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Our vision

We contribute strongly to making the Kingdom’s vision a reality, especially in tourism and events.


Success of our campaigns

Integrated and harmonious work achieves, thanks to God, success.


Our organization of events

We are professionals in organizing business events, making them a great experience.


Our experience

Our experience and our partners are more than 30 years full of successful experiences.


Our creativity

Our creativity achieves the agreed upon strategic goals for the success of our customers’ experiences.


Our partnerships

Our partnerships are as strong as we are, because success comes from collaboration.


Our support for the events sector

We are here to support events, because we are experts in advertising, marketing and implementation.

Why we are your best choice?

We are an integrated group specialized in creating exceptional experiences for events, exhibitions and conferences. Our work is integrated, starting with the creative group that creates exciting experiences, through the executive group that turns these ideas into accurate reality within our factories and studios, all the way to our advanced logistics centers that support the smooth flow of operations. We are here to ensure that every detail contributes to creating unique and memorable experiences for our customers.

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